Women of the Future

Students keeping water clean

Storm drain adoption goes better by the half dozen. The Kennedy Women of the Future, a group of 30 Kennedy High School students, recently adopted six storm drains. Adopting storm drains made an ideal school group project.

To hear sophomore Nicole Osness, one of the Kennedy Women of the Future members, talk about the importance of water makes everything crystal clear. Bloomington has abundant natural resources and access to celebrated water areas but not all places are as fortunate. It’s something that Osness and her group don’t take for granted. They believe clean water is a collaborative effort.

Osness invited Water Resource Specialist Steve Gurney to speak to the group about a service project benefitting water quality. They decided to participate in the Adopt-a-Storm drain program.

“My friends and I could not have done this without our advisors and school counselors,” she said.

Adopt-a-storm-drain participants receive one sign to represent their contributions to the community. When weather permits, the Kennedy Women of the Future will post the sign in front of the school for all to see.

Interested in adopting a storm drain? Visit adopt-a-drain.org to sign up or for more information.