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Street safety improvements

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Bloomington Briefing Published January 4, 2022
Updated on January 4, 2022

Each year, Bloomington’s Engineering Division selects a number of streets each year to improve with the Pavement Management Program, a yearly program that aims to maintain Bloomington roadways and keep the City’s pavement, curbs and sidewalks in good condition in a fiscally sound manner. Improvements are prioritized based on factors such as age, street condition, utilities condition and the type of street. Recently, safety improvements were completed to improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers. The location of these improvements include the following: 

Enhanced school crossing at France Avenue and West 108th Street (Westwood Elementary) 

The school crossing distance was shortened with new construction of curb bump outs for the crosswalk on the north and east legs of this intersection to highlight the school crossing activity to drivers and improve pedestrian safety. 

Intersection improvement at East 98th Street and Chicago

The reconstruction project at this intersection clearly realigns and identifies that East 98th Street is the through street, and made Chicago Avenue a T-intersection into East 98th Street. This intersection used to be configured in a way that made it difficult to assign right-of-way and caused confusion for drivers. 

West 86th Street, westbound through Lyndale Avenue

There used to be a gap in the on-road bikeway through this intersection. This reconstruction project made curb modifications and striping changes to extend the bike lane through the signalized intersection for the westbound movement, which completes the last gap in a continuous on-road bikeway that runs along 86th Street from East Old Shakopee Road to Xerxes Avenue.