City facilities, including Bloomington Civic Plaza, are currently closed. Call 952-563-8700 for info, or visit the   COVID-19 closures page.

Spring maintenance time

Protect our bodies of water while doing spring yard maintenance. Do your part and keep grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste from getting into the street.

Rather than entering the waste water treatment plant system, street debris goes into storm drains and flows directly into the watershed. Anything other than rainwater going through storm drains has the potential to degrade Bloomington bodies of water.

Stop potential pollutants in their tracks. Make a habit of bagging leaves and unwanted grass clippings. Better still, let the grass clippings go back on your lawn as free and natural fertilizer.

Still need to fertilize your lawn? Use phosphorus-free fertilizer and apply to grass only, taking care to stay away from sidewalks, roadways and driveways. Unwanted organic materials and fertilizers are major sources of pollutants, which flow into bodies of water and can trigger clogged pipes, backups or flooding. 

For information, visit or call 952-563-4870.

Spring sweeping coming to street near you

Come spring and fall, streets get a clean sweep. As part of the City’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, Street Maintenance performs cleaning to clear Bloomington streets of dirt, sand and debris. 

Visit or call 952-563-8760 to see when your street will be swept and find other information.