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Snowplowing service rankings increase

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Bloomington Briefing Published December 30, 2020

In this year’s resident survey, more than 80% of respondents rated the City’s snow removal services as excellent or good. People take notice of how roads are plowed. 

Bloomington resident Molly Stark informed the City about the quality of the snow removal service in her neighborhood. “It was the winter we got so much snow, 2019,” Stark said. “It was amazing how they would clear things out. I just wanted to reach out and let them know because I know they work overnights and really long hours.” 

Behind-the-scenes work ensures success. In all, 90 City staff contribute to keeping Bloomington roads plowed and safe. 

“It’s really a team effort, the endless dedication of all the Public Works employees,” Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Kenneth Frosig said.

The beginning of each season kicks off with an all-staff meeting. Ongoing planning meetings give operators a chance to weigh in about how things are done. Operators are trained and certified on salt use and practice driving maneuvers on a course before hitting the road. Regular equipment checks ensure the fleet is always ready to roll.

When the time comes, weather forecasts and other factors determine how to handle each snow event. A decision on whether to use an anti-ice solution occurs two days before snowfall. An anti-icing brine mixture can prepare streets for inclement weather and reduce salt use. Reducing chlorides is a sustainable practice in keeping with the City Council’s strategic priority for environmental sustainability. 

For more information, visit or call 952-563-8760.

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