Snow plowing season coming

Bloomington’s first snowfall usually occurs in November. Be prepared when City snowplows traverse more than 300 center-lane miles of roads. You can help to make plowing faster and more efficient.

When it’s snowing, don’t park your car on the street. This helps staff plow the full width of streets and keep them wider. A City ordinance requires cars to be clear of rights-of-way where deemed to be a nuisance that interferes with snow removal.

You can reduce the amount of snow that gets pushed across your driveway by clearing the area to the right of your driveway and placing excess snow to the left (when looking at your house from the street.) This gives plow drivers a place to push the next round of snow and avoid a pileup at the end of your driveway.

Keep garbage cans in your driveway and away from the street. For residents, the City requires garbage cans left for pickup to be located in their driveways.

For information, visit or call 952-563-8760. The Snow Emergency Hotline is 952-563-8768.