Rain garden

Rainwater garden maintenance

Do you have a rainwater garden in your yard? The first rainwater garden projects began in 2009 as part of the City’s Pavement Management Program (PMP). Today, through PMP, around 100 rainwater gardens have been installed in partnership with residents and community volunteers.

Spring is a good time to do rainwater garden maintenance before bright blooms and feathery prairie grasses take hold. It’s easier to do landscaping work and avoid damaging plants before they have grown out.

Look for thinning areas of shredded wood mulch to top off with fresh material. As plantings age, they may need to be cut down, divided or replaced with something new.

The sediment trap prevents excess sediment from entering the garden. It could be getting full and need maintenance. The City performs annual sediment trap cleaning.

A well-maintained raingarden will filter pollutants more efficiently. For information, call 952-563-4870 or visit blm.mn/raingarden