Prevent spring flooding around your home

Spring means melting snow and spring rains. All this water can lead to flooding—even in areas far from ponds, wetlands and streams. While the City and other agencies watch for large flooding risks, you can take steps to prevent small flooding issues around your home. 

  1. Direct downspouts into lawns and point them away from buildings. Avoid directing water to driveways or sidewalks where water can freeze and become a safety hazard.
  2. Make sure water is not blocked by snowbanks. Snowmelt and water from early spring rains can create pools around buildings if it becomes blocked by snow in downstream areas. Think about shoveling a small path along the low points of your yard and extend it all the way to your house. This will give snowmelt and rain water a place to go and prevent pools. Remember that water follows the path of least resistance.
  3. Keep storm drains clear of debris, snow and ice.

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