Penn American project awarded and recognized

The Penn American stormwater project won the American Public Works Association – Minnesota Chapter (APWA–MN) project of the year award for 2019. During November, the City received recognition at an APWA-MN award ceremony. In December, the City Council recognized the achievement.

The project’s overall goal was to reduce surface water flooding. At one time, the area at Knox Avenue South and American Boulevard West was a lake, but over time it was filled in as the location developed. Since then, the area has been dependent on storm sewers to move water out and prevent flooding. The stormwater and sewer project completed last year will reduce the magnitude, frequency and duration of flooding around this site and improve runoff water quality to downstream resources.

The APWA-MN designation commemorates the complexity of the Penn American project and the extensive collaboration required to complete the plan. For more information, visit or call 952-563-4870.