New yard waste bag limits and FAQ

New this year, there is a limit of 20 additional bags or bundles of yard waste that can be set out per week with yard waste service. Any extra yard waste bags will not be picked up by the haulers. In the past, having an unlimited number of yard waste bags caused significant challenges for haulers in completing their routes on time. If you have more than 20 bags, save the additional bags to be collected until the following week.

2021 yard waste season dates: Monday, April 12 – Friday, November 26, weather permitting. If there is significant snowfall before the end of November, yard waste collection may end at that time. 

What’s accepted? Garden waste, grass clippings, leaves, weeds, soft garden materials, shrub and tree waste, and pruning. Twigs and branches must be three feet or less in length and three inches or less in diameter. Bags or bundles cannot be heavier than 40 pounds. 

What’s not accepted? Dirt, sod, rocks and wood chips.

How do I prepare yard waste? Residents receive a yard waste cart, and can request one additional yard waste cart for a $37.32 fee. You can set up to 20 bags of yard waste out in addition to your cart(s).

How can I sign up? To sign up for yard waste subscription, contact Utility Billing at or 952-563-8726. The service costs $84.78 per season.

Can I get on-call service? Residents can pay per bag for on-call service by purchasing yard waste stickers for $4.26 each. Please call the Finance Department at 952-563-8757 and the stickers will be mailed out. Limit of 20 on-call bags per week. 

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