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New wash station helps City vehicles stay ready for action

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Bloomington Briefing Published March 1, 2023
Updated on March 1, 2023
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To protect its vehicle fleet, the City has replaced its old unreliable and ineffective vehicle wash station with a new one.

The new wash system has several new features such as a low-pressure option to protect the vinyl wrap on Police vehicles and end-of-wash air blowers.

Another major improvement is the addition of a salt neutralizer in the underbody wash that reduces component failures due to rust issues, saving money and helping the City meet environmental goals. With the old wash, the City was spending on average $25,000 per year on rusted snowplow truck springs.

The wash system investment was $228,832. An additional $854,467 was allotted for other facility improvements such as new power system, ventilation, garage doors and a heated slab to prevent water from freezing and forming an impromptu skating rink at the exit.