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Keeping Bloomington’s trees healthy

The City has been fighting the emerald ash borer for three years since the invasive pest was discovered near Columbus Playlot, 10030 Columbus Avenue South. The iridescent green beetle’s larvae feed on the conductive tissues of ash tree bark, which eventually kills the tree. Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Dave Hanson says the plan to remove ash trees in the area is well underway. 

With more than 7,000 ash trees on public property in the city, staff selected 300 trees to be removed this winter. The ash trees were replaced with 275 native trees from a mix of 15 varieties. This diversity will add resiliency to the city’s urban forest, reducing future risk from invasive pests and climate change. In 2017, volunteers from the Bloomington Rotary Club also donated and planted 77 trees. 

The City will conduct another tree survey in 2018 to determine whether there are more infested trees. For more information, visit or contact Dave Hanson at
952-563-8765 or