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Keep your pipes clear

Think twice before flushing something down the toilet. Even small things can cause big problems for wastewater treatment facilities, water quality and fish. 

If sewers become clogged, City water bills cover the cost of repair. Keeping sewer systems free flowing is in everyone’s best interest.  

Personal care products are potential sewer system slayers. Discarded disposable wipes (the biggest culprits), dental floss, tampons, facial tissues, paper towels and cotton swabs can clog wastewater treatment facilities. Even products that claim to be flushable may not break down enough to avoid trouble. 

There are other materials that are often flushed but should be thrown away in a garbage can. One is kitty litter, which expands and doesn’t dissolve. Plastics are another, including contact lenses, which don’t biodegrade. Medications can make their way through wastewater filtering systems and pollute water systems.

While some of these items sound innocent, their collective impact can be huge. The solution is simple. Only dispose of toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.

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