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Improvements coming to two major intersections

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Bloomington Briefing Published August 30, 2022
Updated on September 15, 2022

The City is working on improving the intersections at Xerxes Avenue South and West Old Shakopee Road and 98th Street and Normandale Boulevard.

“Both of these projects will improve safety for vehicles, bikers and pedestrians,” Senior Civil Engineer Bob Simons said.

98th Street map
98th Street and Normandale Boulevard

Crews will remove the separate right turn lanes, add dedicated right turn lanes at the intersection, upgrade existing sidewalk and trails and implement signal improvements. These changes will improve sight lines for vehicles using the intersection. The concrete islands between lanes will be modified to allow walkers and runners to cross through them and have an area to stop when crossing between lanes before finishing crossing the intersection. The existing pedestrian and bicycle concrete sidewalks and asphalt paths in the intersection to current width and size standards will be upgraded. The pedestrian ramp, the area where pedestrians stop before crossing the road, will be replaced to meet American with Disabilities Act requirements regarding how steep they are. Accessible pedestrian signals will also be added in the intersection.

Old Shakopee Road construction
West Old Shakopee Road and Xerxes Avenue

Dedicated left turn lanes will be installed on all approaches of Xerxes Avenue and Old Shakopee Road. Old Shakopee Road will maintain two through lanes in both directions of travel. Left turn lanes will also be evaluated for the use of flashing yellow arrows at certain times of the day. The pedestrian ramp, the area the pedestrians stop at prior to crossing the road, will be replaced to meet American with Disabilities Act requirements. Crews will also complete pavement rehabilitation and install reflective pavement markings within the project limits.

These projects are funded with with federal, state and county aid as well as City funds. Hennepin County and the City of Bloomington applied for and received a competitive Federal Aid Highway Safety Improvement grant in 2019. For more information about street projects, contact Engineering at 952-563-4870 or visit