How things work: Signs in the City

Stop, see the sign? With nearly 15,000 signs for the City to keep up, there’s always work to be done. Two maintenance technicians work year-round to make and replace signs and complete other street projects. (Hennepin County takes care of its signs.)

The signs, made from aluminum sheets topped with highly reflective material, generally last 10 – 15 years. The familiar white-on-green street signs average nine inches in height but can vary from 24 – 54 inches in length. 

The city is divided into 10 sections. Sign maintenance staff target one section yearly, but the need for sign work goes beyond that. The sun causes wear and tear year-round and signs can drop for a variety of reasons, especially during the winter. Residents can help by keeping vegetation clear around signs. To report a sign issue, call 952-563-8760 or visit