How things work: Plowing sidewalks

Bloomington Public Works Maintenance Division uses a variety of specialty sidewalk plows, trucks and tractors to clear 260 miles of sidewalks and trails. Depending on the snow event, equipment could include a snow blower, plow or broom.  Snow removal can be hindered by trash cans, boulders, timbers, shrubs and other obstacles in rights of way. You can help maintain sidewalks by removing obstructions.

Plowing occurs by a priority listing: 

  • 1st priority: School walking areas, heavily used wheelchair accessible areas and heavily used areas by main roads.
  • 2nd priority: Walks expanding out from the school and along major roads.
  • 3rd priority: Residential and industrial areas.

The amount of snow determines how long plowing takes to complete. For example, plowing a four-inch snowfall can take two to three days. 

For more information, visit, call 952-563-4581 or email