Pile of wood

Don’t move wood

Whether it’s firewood, tree trimmings or fallen branches, the movement of wood is restricted in Hennepin County and 14 surrounding counties stretching down to the Iowa border.

The quarantine is designed to prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer and other invasive species. Emerald Ash Borer can remain in stored wood for two years and emerge. “You can’t always see them,” Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Dave Hanson said. “Movement significantly increases the spread of invasive pests that wouldn’t move so far on their own.”

Learn more about the quarantine at blm.mn/woodq.

Buying firewood

Need to buy firewood for your home, business or cabin? Look for a local vendor certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture at blm.mn/citywood.

Planning a trip and need wood?

If you plan to visit a state or national park, don’t bring your own wood. Parks have wood available for purchase. It’s important to use approved firewood only.

The Department of Natural Resources online tool offers another way to find certified vendors throughout the state. For information, visit blm.mn/certwood.