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Don’t flush wipes

Did you know that flushable wipes are really not flushable? While marketing labels would lead us to believe otherwise, the truth is flushable or disposable wipes do not break down even after standing in water for days, weeks or months. Wipes clog pipes and pumps.

Always discard wipes in a garbage can. Do not flush your disposable wipes. Improper disposal of wipes and other household items is a common cause of sewer service line backups for homeowners and municipal systems. Little wipes can cause big issues, which are costly to fix.

“We understand that there’s probably an increased use of disinfecting and personal wipes. Despite what the labels may say or how they’re advertised, they’re not flushable and only cause us problems in the wastewater collection system, primarily by plugging lift station pumps,” Utilities Superintendent Scott Anderson said.

Do your part, and toss wipes into the garbage can. For more information visit or call 952-563-8760.