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Curbside organics recycling now in Bloomington

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Bloomington Briefing Published February 28, 2022
Updated on February 28, 2022
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Now you can turn your food scraps into something good. Starting the second week of March, residents will be able to recycle organics for composting at the curb. This new service ensures that the City of Bloomington is in compliance with Hennepin County Ordinance 13. The ordinance requires cities with more than 10,000 residents to make curbside organics recycling available in 2022.

Like regular recycling, curbside organics recycling service will be paid for by all residents in the City’s garbage and recycling program. The monthly rate for this service is $5.50. Organics recycling reduces the amount of trash you produce at home, which could save you money if you reduce the size of the cart you need for trash collection.

Organics collected at the curb will be turned into compost, which will be used to add valuable nutrients back into the soil. When compost is added to soil, it reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides and increases water retention, allowing for more efficient water use. The compost will be used primarily by commercial landscapers, in road construction projects and in gardens. Turning organics into compost is better for the environment than burying or burning it. Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions at landfills and increases energy efficiency at garbage incinerators.

Residents who sign up for the service will receive a 30-gallon organics cart that will be collected weekly on their garbage day and a welcome packet with information and tips for collecting organics at home. You can find a list of what should be placed in an organics recycling bin online at

What should I do with my organics if I don’t have City garbage and recycling service?

Drop off organics at one of the City’s organics free drop-off sites. The City will continue to operate the free organics drop-offs for residents in multifamily housing that do not participate in the City’s garbage and recycling program. To start composting now, visit

How do I sign up?

To sign up to receive your organics cart, call Utility Billing at 952-563-8726, email or visit