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Cleaning up Normandale Lake

More than a year ago, the City and Nine Mile Creek Watershed District began a water quality project at Normandale Lake to reduce the amount of weeds and algae growing in the water by removing the invasive curly-leaf pondweed.  

Crews drained the lake over the winter to freeze the pondweed seeds. Staff expected some curly-leaf pondweed to survive the winter freeze since it is a hardy, invasive plant. To manage nutrients in the lake, the watershed district applied an alum treatment in the spring. The district will do a targeted herbicide treatment every spring for the next four years. 

After the lake filled back up, the Department of Natural Resources restocked it with the native fish population, including blue gills. This summer, the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District will conduct a carp study to find a management strategy to limit the numbers in the lake. This study will be ongoing throughout the summer. The district will also be doing several plant surveys to determine the effectiveness of these efforts and identify possible next steps.

“At the end of the day we hope to make the lake a better place,” said Nine Mile Creek Program Manager Erica Sniegowski. 

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