Bloomington water upholds standards

Work at the City’s Water Treatment plant is a 24 hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week business. Part of that effort includes a water study to track the existence of any copper or lead. The study is done every three years to ensure the City’s treatment process is free of any corrosive problems. This year, 30 Bloomington households gave water samples. Participants were chosen by the state based on the age of their homes. 

Test findings from the state showed the levels of copper and lead below action levels established by the EPA, meaning nothing has changed and amounts are appropriate. Bloomington’s results are so consistent, the need to test has been reduced over the years. 

Lead and copper typically don’t exist in Bloomington’s water and only become an issue when they leach from piping or plumbing fixtures in homes or buildings. The City treats water in a way to prevent potential leaching and keep measurements below EPA action levels. 

“Bloomington residents can continue to be assured that their water is safe to drink as well as being great tasting,” Utilities Superintendent Scott Anderson said.

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