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E-Gram Instructions

E-Gram is a site to find information about construction projects in the City of Bloomington. There are two levels of information available—public data and data available with a username and password.

Accessing E-Gram

  1. Open the E-Gram website or a link on the project posting to be taken to where Bid Documents are available online.
  2. A new window will open with four categories of projects: Projects in Bidding, Projects in Construction,
  3. Construction Status, and Projects in Planning.
  4. Select the project from the list to be directed to that project page.

Public Data

No user name or password needed to view the public data. However, you may need to click on the arrow on the right hand side of the header to see the information in the section.

  • AD FOR BID: View the Ad for Bid by clicking on “Ad for Bid Data.” Please note the ad used for publication is included in the message section as a PDF.
  • PLANHOLDER LIST: Any bidders who download plans or obtain paper bid documents from the City of Bloomington Engineering Division will be listed as plan holders on this list.
  • BID SUMMARY AND BID ABSTRACT: Click on Contract Bid Abstract or Contract Bid Summary to see information about an entire contract that contains multiple projects. This information will be available after the Council awards a project.
  • MESSAGES: Information pertinent to the project will be shown here. 

Data Available With a Username and Password

Sign up or log in For technical help related to ConneX, please call 612-568-8227.

All Plans, Specifications, Contracts, Proposals, and Addendum documents are available in PDF format and must be downloaded (saved) to view them. Once plans have been downloaded, your company name will appear on the Planholders List.

  • PLANS: On left side of the project screen under Project Files and Released Plans.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: On left side of the project screen under Project Files and Specifications.
  • CONTRACT & PROPOSAL FORM: On left side of the project screen under Project Files and Proposal.
  • ADDENDUMS: All planholders will receive email notification of addendums. On left side of the project screen under Addendum Files.
  • SCHEDULE OF BIDS: When you login there will be a section titled “Project Item List.” By clicking on the blue, underlined item numbers, you can see a history of bids for City of Bloomington projects.