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#BFD75: Teaching children about fire safety

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Bloomington Briefing Published October 5, 2022
Updated on November 2, 2022
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If your child were to see a fire, either inside a house or outdoors, would they know what to do? The Bloomington Fire Department works with teachers, childcare providers and parents year-round to teach children about fire safety. A key priority of the BFD is to serve the community through outreach and education programs because fire safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Fire and life safety is often an afterthought in today’s busy lifestyles,” Fire Inspector Pete Miller said. “Many basic safety tools are overlooked and neglected. It is our mission to educate the community and to help keep these things at the forefront.”

Each fall, the BFD visits Bloomington classrooms to teach children how to call 911 in an emergency and the importance of quickly escaping a home fire. They reassure students that firefighters are always on the job and will come to their house to help them. The children get to see a firefighter dressed in turnout gear and tour a fire truck.

The BFD’s tradition of teaching fire safety in the schools began in 1963, above, according to John “Shorty” McWilliams. Back then, firefighters would visit the elementary schools and kindergarten programs and present a fire safety program to the kids. The kids were allowed to tour the trucks. Some of the firefighters would even help serve lunch to the students.

Today, the BFD provides fire prevention services in schools and in the community upon request. Topics include car seat installation, home safety inspections, smoke alarm installation, fire station tours and more. To request a visit for your organization, complete the form at For more information, contact Fire Prevention at 952-563-8930.