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Service Area and Park Planning


Visit the Park Planning project page at Let's Talk Bloomington to see updated draft concept plans for renewed amenities at Tretbaugh and Bryant parks. 

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The City of Bloomington initiated the process of developing a new Park System Master Plan in November 2019. With extensive and invaluable assistance from consultants, City staff and most importantly the community, the plan is now complete. At its August 30, 2021 meeting, the Bloomington City Council formally adopted the Park System Master Plan.  

The Next Steps

Adoption of the master plan is just the first step. Now the work of developing service area and individual park plans begins. The Park System Master Plan, as adopted, provides a clear action plan and guidance for improvements to Bloomington's parks, trails, facilities, recreational programs and green spaces. The following nine parks have been identified for the first phase of planning: Brookside, Bryant, Gene Kelly, Poplar Bridge, Running, Smith, Southwood, Sunrise, and Tretbaugh.  


Bloomington Parks

JUNE 2022

Feedback and opinions were gathered from hundreds of individuals who attended community conversations in the nine parks. Resident and stakeholder input at these in-person events along with input online at Let's Talk Bloomington was extremely valuable and helped guide the next steps in the process.


The information gathered from the community was put to use as City staff and consultants gathered for an all-day workshop dubbed "Park-A-Palooza" to work on the next steps in planning. Based on public feedback, possible changes to the nine parks were discussed and preliminary sketches created to help conceptualize what the new parks might look like. Watch a video recap of Park-A-Palooza below. 

Park-a-Palooza recap


Once again, Community Conversation events were held at all nine parks to present the concept plans generated from the Park-A-Palooza workshop and to gather more input from residents and other stakeholders. That information was compiled and analyzed in anticipation of the continued development of draft concept plans.


Draft concept plans for Tretbaugh and Bryant parks were finalized. These are the first two parks scheduled for redevelopment and renewed amenities. The concept plans can be seen at Let's Talk Bloomington.   


The City of Bloomington has 97 parks, 45 playgrounds, 16 park buildings, 17 picnic shelters, over 40 miles of off-road trails, and 9,000 acres of parkland. Neighborhood and community parks are distributed throughout the City so that 87% of residents are within a 10-minute walk from parks or greenspace. Parks account for 36% of the City’s land area. Bloomington’s parks were developed over 50 years ago. Many parks were constructed with the same design formula and elements and have not been updated to reflect current trends in parks and recreation or the changing demographic of the City.  

Additionally, the park system also contains two golf courses, an art center, an indoor ice arena, an outdoor aquatic center, a community/senior center, a swimming and recreational beach and a variety of athletic fields. Many of these facilities were built in the 1960s and 1970s. 

While upgrades and replacement have occurred through the years, maintenance and modernization to meet changing needs remains a persistent challenge. The population and trends in parks and recreation have changed. The Park System Master Plan provides a road map for how to update parks to create a balanced system of amenities and recreational experiences. 

Central/Moir Park

Action Plan 

The Action Plan consists of goals and actions in 10 categories. Together, this mix of new programs, tools, and partnerships outlines a strategy to re-imagine and upgrade parks in Bloomington. As implementation unfolds, the City will assess and monitor these actions with an emphasis on adequate staffing, financing, and equitable resource allocation. 

Along with a commitment to deliver accessible, equitable, innovative, and high quality recreational experiences, flexibility in implementation enables the City to adjust, refine, and improve strategies. 

Bloomington also recognizes that given the long planning horizon of the Park System Master Plan (PSMP) it may be necessary to modify specific actions as conditions change. Shifts in development patterns, redevelopment, demographic changes, technology, or recreational interests can reshape needs and priorities, warranting new implementation approaches. The PSMP and this Action Plan are living documents that guide, but don’t prescribe. The expectation is that modifications will be made in the future. 

The PSMP policies reflect the overarching principles that seek to elevate the City’s parks, facilities, and programs into an excellent system in the future. The icons next to the policy categories represent the four PSMP Guiding Principles and the seven City Council Priorities that are working together.

View the tabs below for more details on the individual parts of the Action Plan or download the Action Plan as a PDF