Rink map

Parks planning for outdoor rink changes

The comprehensive Park System Master Plan review and planning process has included research, comparative analysis and thoughtful attention to feedback from staff, policy makers and residents. After months of general information gathering, specific key concepts and recommendations are now ready for public input via a new platform—Let’s Talk Bloomington. 

While the City continues seeking input on a broad range of park-related matters, one change is already slated for implementation. This winter the number of outdoor skating rinks will be reduced from 14 to nine. 

The City has been studying the role of outdoor ice rinks and how to best provide this experience in the future. Climate change and shifting recreational trends have created challenges for outdoor skating. Balancing input from the Park System Master Plan process with the need to improve fiscal efficiency in light of the City’s budget challenges, staff recommended skating rink reduction to the Community Budget Advisory Committee and advised that it be implemented this winter. The nine remaining skating locations were chosen based on rink use, quality of facilities and Park System Master Plan Capital Improvement concepts designed to provide an equitable geographic balance of park amenities. 

To view and comment on winter skating sites, visit blm.mn/letstalk and select the Park System Master Plan topic.