Parks master plan to include green infrastructure

From Nine Mile Creek to the Minnesota River Valley to countless ponds and lakes, Bloomington has an abundance of parkland with natural water areas. Improved access and management of these resources offers economic, social and health benefits. Green infrastructure (building with nature to create a network that addresses climate change and other environmental challenges) is a way to achieve this and maximize environmental value.

Creating sensory or native plant gardens and restoring natural areas are among the many ways green infrastructure could be implemented in parks. Green stormwater infrastructure is another approach that would reduce flooding and improve water quality and wildlife habitat. These options could also help increase or enhance biodiversity, access to nature, green spaces, educational opportunities, and community resiliency.

Water management and green infrastructure will be considered in the park master plan, which will establish a 20-year vision for parks, open spaces, and trails, as well as recreation, cultural and historical preservation and public art.

The plan is just the beginning. The City is looking for opportunities to leverage the park system to benefit water and natural resources, while enhancing other community benefits.

Resident and park user input is a critical. Let us know how important green infrastructure is to you. Visit and rank your priorities. For more information, call 952-563-8877.