Park System Master Plan slated for approval

In July, the City Council is slated to adopt the final Park System Master Plan. The PSMP provides a roadmap for planning and completing park improvements throughout Bloomington. Staff is reviewing public comments they received on the final draft plan and preparing to present the plan for approval.

“We heard from residents and other stakeholders and are thankful for their input, feedback and valuable contributions,” Assistant Director Renae Clark said. “We’ve learned how important parks are during COVID-19 and for the future of Bloomington.”    

The guiding principles of the PSMP will shape how decisions are made to prioritize park, trail, facility, and programming investments moving forward. While the PSMP prioritizes which parks should be improved and what types of improvements the City should consider, it does not contain individual park plans. The next step is to begin a new community involvement process with stakeholders as projects for individual parks are initiated. For more information or to view the final draft plan, visit or call 952-563-8877.