UPDATE: JULY 14, 2020

In April, the Parks Response Team (PRT) was launched to help keep Bloomington's outdoor spaces safe and accessible. Thanks to the partnership and cooperation of the public, the parks remain open and safe for everyone to enjoy.  As a result of your efforts, it has been determined that the PRT no longer needs to monitor safe use of the City’s outdoor spaces.  The PRT’s last day of operation was Monday, July 13, 2020.

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Keeping parks open and safe

City of Bloomington Public Health, Emergency Management, Parks and Recreation, Park Maintenance, Police and Fire Departments are working cooperatively to actively monitor park use. It is our goal to strike the right balance between maintaining access to parks, trails, and park amenities and ensuring the health and safety of Bloomington residents.

  • In parks where we identify problems with social distancing, we are placing signs encouraging compliance.
  • Park users should maintain proper social distancing at all times in all areas of our parks, including but not limited to trails, sports courts and fields, open spaces, and playgrounds.  
  • Group sports (basketball, soccer, etc.) are not social distancing compliant and should not occur.
  • In parks where CDC precautions are repeatedly ignored, we may be forced to remove apparatus such as tennis nets and basketball hoops in order to limit such activity.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after visiting parks and trails and using park amenities.

Some cities have closed parts of their parks to the public, including playgrounds. We would prefer to allow visitors to use these facilities responsibly during this critical time. Consistent with the governor’s executive order 20-20 which exempted parks and recreational lands and did not mandate the closure of playgrounds, Bloomington’s outdoor spaces remain open, offering opportunities for residents to stay active and connected as a community during these uncertain times. To keep them open, accessible and safe, we strongly urge everyone to use our parks, trails, and park amenities responsibly.