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Hole-in-one on the seventh hole

The seventh hole proved the lucky number for Riley Praska, above left. A golfer’s dream became a reality when the 17-year-old player hit a hole-in-one during the Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA) tournament held at Hyland Greens Golf and Learning Center in August.

After six seasons of BAA golf instruction, Riley aced a 132-yard drive from the back tees during a tournament round where trophies were awarded. When the pressure was on, Praska was not one to let a big pond get in the way of a little golf hole.

Few golfers ever master the tricky seventh hole, the shortest and possibly most nerve-wracking at Hyland Greens. A can-do attitude, respectful demeanor and sport-focused lifestyle formed the foundation for Riley’s success. Golf is just one of many activities he enjoys. Adaptive softball, swimming, basketball, hockey and bowling for the Special Olympics are others, but golf is a favorite.

And what does Riley like best about golf? He said, “Getting a hole-in-one.”

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