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Go, dog, go! Run free at off-leash recreation areas

Every dog can have its day in an off-leash recreation area. Enjoy the many benefits of Bloomington’s dog recreation areas. Improve the health and happiness of your dog, while getting some fun exercise yourself and enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other visitors. 

“Pawsome” pooch places run aplenty in Bloomington. The City has two off-leash locations for dogs. 

Your dog will give a paws up to running free in the broomball rinks at Tretbaugh Park on West 90th Street and Tretbaugh Drive. Both rinks are open for leash-free dog recreation through mid-October. 

For more room to roam, head over to the vast 25-acre area at Nesbitt Avenue and West 110th Street. Leafy lined hills and a three-quarter mile walking trail make for a howling good time. This off-leash area is partially fenced with an open pond. While some dogs dive in and take a swim, keep in mind the City does not test or treat pond water. A few fun facts about this off-leash spot:

  • Amenities include a water fountain to keep dogs hydrated and a hose for a post-workout wash. 
  • In winter, trails within the off-leash area are not maintained. People and their dogs pack down the trails.
  • Even though the land is City property, this off-leash recreation area is not a park. The City Utilities Division manages the property. It could serve as a future location of a water treatment plant.

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