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Fit for winter: Tips for exercising

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Bloomington Briefing Published December 30, 2020

During winter, keeping fit can seem harder, but it doesn’t have to be. Start small. Consider a short walk outside. Invest in a pair of traction or grip clips for your shoes. Pair up with a friend or two, and gain the benefits of a social connection while keeping six feet apart. As you become more comfortable with your walks, increase the time.

Had enough of walking? Minnesota winters are made for ice skating, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and other snow sports. Bloomington Parks and Recreation offers outdoor activities the whole family can do to keep on the go all winter long. Visit or call 952-563-8877.

When it’s too cold or icy to be outside, try an indoor workout for aerobics, dance, stretch, try strength training, run in place or practice yoga. Need inspiration or instruction? Watch an exercise video from your computer or phone. For a more social approach, try a video conference call with friends.

For those with specific health issues or conditions, consult with your doctor to determine what kind of activity you should do. See page 8 to read about some of Bloomington’s walking trails. 

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