Community Center Update for December 3

In spring 2019 the Bloomington City Council directed City staff to engage residents and complete a site capacity study for a potential new community center at Valley View Park, 9000 Portland Ave. S.  In November, staff reported study results back to the community and to the Council.  

At the December 2, 2019 City Council Meeting, staff asked the Council to provide direction on:

  1. Whether to move forward with an agreement with the architectural team to continue pre-design of the community center at Valley View Park; or
  2. Whether to discontinue evaluation of Valley View Park as the preferred site and provide direction as to how to proceed with the community center project.

After much discussion and deliberation, the Council did not reach consensus to move forward with a community center design at Valley View Park. The Council decided the current proposal for a community center at Valley View Park was not viable at this time, and no formal action was taken. While there was no agreement regarding what such a project might look like or where it should be located, the Council remains committed to providing for the recreational needs of all Bloomington residents. 

In 2020, the new Council will be determining its priorities and will decide how a community center might fit within them. If the Council decides to revisit the community center project, staff will once again undertake a robust and inclusive engagement process with residents.  

For further information on the community center project and its history, please visit