City Council, staff gather input on potential community center

The City Council and City staff have been discussing a new community center for many years. In 2015, a resident task force recommended building a new facility to serve all residents.

In early 2019, the City Council was focused on two potential sites—Civic Plaza and the existing Creekside Community Center. After considering many different options at each site, it was determined that neither was large enough for the community center being envisioned with the amenities residents and the task force had requested. This spring, councilmembers directed staff to look into Valley View Park, at 90th Street between Nicollet and Portland Avenues, as a possible site.

Because Valley View Park is currently the Council’s preferred location, they have instructed staff to evaluate the site. Part of the evaluation process is showing very preliminary plans of how a community center could fit at Valley View and how the park could be improved—a step that is critical to making a planning decision.

Another important part of the planning process that occurred this past fall was gathering resident input through surveys, in-person meetings and online forms, and using the collected feedback to guide options and preliminary planning documents.

The initial outcome of the planning process included the input received from residents, a traffic and parking study and site alternatives that showed different scenarios of what a community center in the park could look like. The results were presented at a public event November 14 and at a City Council meeting on November 18, during which a public meeting was also held. 

Council is taking the input from residents and information from staff and consultants under advisement and is expected to make a decision on next steps in early December. 

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