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Bloomington parks are open.

Physical activity and spending time outdoors are helpful ways to balance anxiety and stress during this uncertain time. The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department will do everything possible to keep our parks and trails open and accessible for as long as it is safe to do so.

While we encourage people to get out and take advantage of Bloomington’s 97 parks and nearly 9,000 acres of parkland, we urge you to follow the CDC’s precautionary guidelines, which include the following:

  • Stay home if you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms
  • Wash hands before and after visiting parks (use hand sanitizer if handwashing isn't possible)
  • Observe at all times the CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of six feet from other people. Practice it and know what it looks like. Keep it as you walk, bike or hike.
  • Warn other trail users of your presence and as you pass to allow proper distance and step off trails to allow others to pass whenever possible, keeping minimum recommended distances at all times. Signal your presence with your voice, bell or horn.
  • Be prepared for limited or no access to restroom and water fountain facilities in parks.  Be prepared before you go. Bring water or other hydration with you. Even if drinking fountains are not disabled, they should not be used. 
  • Avoid large group gatherings and group sports activities (basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, etc.).
  • Bring a suitable trash bag. Leave no trash, take everything out to protect park workers.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces and other people. 

A note about playgrounds:  Bloomington's playgrounds are open. Out of an abundance of caution we generally recommend against touching the play structures. But if you do use them, please continue to observe all CDC social distancing and other precautionary recommendations. 

NRPA Park Use Guidelines COVID-19