Bloomington City golf courses update

Dwan opens April 22; Hyland will be closed for the season

April 21, 2020 – The City is pleased to announce that Dwan Golf Course will open for play on Wednesday, April 22, following Governor Walz’s order that allows golf courses to open for the season. The course opening will provide players with a chance to continue recreating and playing golf during the pandemic.

Staff are currently focused on opening Dwan safely to the public. This includes important changes to operations that follow safety and social distancing guidelines. A brief guide to some of the important things you need to do and what you can expect when play begins at Dwan are here.

In order to address budgetary pressures caused by COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order, the City has decided not to open Hyland Greens in 2020. Over the past five years, the City Council and staff have been investigating options for eliminating the financial shortfall at Hyland Greens, which has been operating in the red since at least 2005. The golf course is currently being subsidized by property taxes of $300,000 per year. The City will focus its efforts on securing an agreement with the Minnesota Section of the PGA to take over future operations and develop a “Home of Golf” for the state of Minnesota.

We understand that this is a change for those who usually play golf at Hyland Greens. Staff are working to relocate as many players as possible to Dwan and will be working with all leagues and players to find a place for them to play and practice.