Water park proposal offers exciting positives

More community fun and excitement could be coming your way. A new water park in the South Loop District would bring many exciting positives to Bloomington. While the feasibility of this project is being studied, consider what the water park would offer to the community.

The proposed water park would add amenities to the region that are not offered today. With a building footprint of approximately 250,000 square feet, it would be one of the largest indoor water parks in North America. The water park would offer grand-scale family fun with a possible reduced entry fee for Bloomington residents, as financials will allow.

The water park project risks no general fund tax dollars for several reasons. At the outset, the community would benefit from an incremental increase in lodging tax revenue, along with an estimated $1 million in new admissions tax revenues to the City’s general fund. What’s more, Provident Resources Group, a nonprofit entity, would borrow the money to build the water park.

Visit blm.mn/waterpark or call 952-563-4861 for more information.