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United States’ Bid to Host World’s Expo in 2027 Reaches Historic Milestone

MINNEAPOLIS (October 21, 2022) – The Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) announced today that Minnesota USA Expo 2027’s bid to host a Specialized Expo is advancing to the next step in the process. This is the first time the BIE Executive Committee has deemed a bid on behalf of the United States viable since 1980.

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The United States is seeking to host the 2027 World Expo in Minnesota with the theme “Healthy People, Healthy Planet – Wellness and Well Being for All.”  If Minnesota is selected, this would be the first expo in the U.S. in nearly 40 years. 

What is an EXPO?

EXPO is another name for a World’s Fair.

What happens at an EXPO?

An EXPO is a cross between a state fair, Disney’s EPCOT Center, a science museum and to a lesser extent, a trade show. It includes pavilions and exhibits related to the theme of the EXPO where up to 170 different countries participate to exhibit their expertise in the theme.

What is a World EXPO?

A World EXPO is the largest and longest version of an EXPO. They have no upper limit on land area used for the event, and last six months. A World EXPO was held in Milan, Italy in 2015.  It was themed on food and feeding the planet and was very successful with 23 million visits. In 2021, a massive 1,000 acre World EXPO was held in Dubai.  

What is a Specialized EXPO?

Specialized EXPOs occur in between the years divisible by five, are smaller (a maximum of 62 acres in size) and shorter in length (at only three months versus six). Kazakhstan held a Specialized EXPO in 2017 with the theme of “Future Energy.”  The Minnesota-USA bid for EXPO 2027 is for a Specialized EXPO.

How did Minnesota become involved with EXPOs?

The concept of bringing the EXPO to Minnesota started in 2014/2015 with the formation of a World’s Fair Advisory Group which included Walter Mondale, Arne Carlson and Marilyn Carlson Nelson, among other business and political leaders.  It is now led by Minnesota USA EXPO with board co-chairs Marc Lore (Timberwolves Owner) and Bob Clark (founder of Clayco and former commissioner general of USA Pavilion in Dubai’s Expo).

What is Minnesota’s theme?

Minnesota’s theme for the 2027 bid is “Healthy People, Healthy Planet – Wellness and Well Being for All.” The theme highlights the region’s numerous companies that specialize in health and wellness, as well as our long-standing commitment to healthy lifestyles and sustainability.

Are other countries vying for EXPO in 2027?

Other countries that are in the running to host EXPO 2027 include Argentina, Serbia, Spain and Thailand. Minnesota’s proposed theme of health and wellness would showcase Minnesota’s strength in these areas.

When and who will decide the final City/Country for the EXPO?

An organization called the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) votes to decide where EXPOs will be located. There are approximately 110 countries that are dues-paying members of the BIE; each country gets one vote. A vote of the BIE will occur on June of 2023 to select the location of the Specialized EXPO for this time period.  After the vote, the location of that EXPO for that time period will be set.

Is the United States government supportive of a Minnesota bid for the 2027 EXPO?

The last three Presidents all supported Minnesota’s proposed EXPO. Before President Obama left office, he started in motion the work for the United States to rejoin the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE).  On May 8, 2017 President Trump signed HR 534 titled “US Wants to Compete for a World EXPO Act” into law.  The passage of the World EXPO Act allowed the USA to become a member of the BIE after a 16-year absence and formally compete for EXPOs. President Biden signed a memo on June 28, 2021 approving Minnesota as the United States bid location for 2027.

What is the United States government’s role in the bringing the Expo to the United States?

The United States is now a voting member of the BIE and will have an equal vote to all other nations. The Department of State and Department of Commerce are integrally involved with the goal of bringing EXPOs back to the United States.  The Department of State has a specialized department to focus on EXPOs.

Why is the City of Bloomington interested in being the location of EXPO 2027?

EXPOs have the ability to transform and brand an area. The City’s South Loop district is forecast to have 60% of the City’s growth over the next 40 years.  A properly executed EXPO could brand South Loop with unique and authentic development and leave a legacy of permanent structures and infrastructure improvements after the EXPO.

Why should the EXPO be located in the South Loop District?

Minnesota USA Expo and the City of Bloomington believe this site is the best possible site for the Minnesota bid because of its easy accessibility to the airport, access to transit, its central location in the Twin Cities and, as mentioned above, because the EXPO will be a good thing long-term for our community and the state. The EXPO is expected to have a large positive economic impact on Minnesota.              

Will the City be operating and managing the EXPO?

The City will not operate and manage the EXPO.  Minnesota USA Expo is leading the EXPO effort.

Where can I learn more about the United States' Expo 2027 proposal?

Visit the Healthy People, Healthy Planet website at for information about the United States' Expo 2027 bid, theme, sponsors, proposed location and latest news.