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Zoning Ordinance Update Project

The City of Bloomington is undergoing a multi-year effort to update its Zoning Ordinance and related City Code provisions. The current Zoning Ordinance was largely written in the 1950s and has, until recently, never been comprehensively updated. The overall project is divided into many smaller subprojects.  Each year, the City completes several subprojects.  As the update occurs, text is transitioned from Chapter 19 to Chapter 21 of the City Code.

The following projects are underway at this time:

Miscellaneous Issues 2019

On an annual basis, staff prepares an ordinance to collectively consider multiple minor City Code amendments that relate to land use, zoning, and development.  Items included typically do not, on their own, merit the overhead that accompanies drafting, reviewing, publishing, and hearing an individual ordinance. These minor amendments are primarily intended to clarify existing provisions in more detail, assist in public understanding, and aid in enforcement. Staff report and proposed code amendments.

Restaurant and Food Truck Standards

Staff is currently drafting an ordinance for new restaurant and food truck standards. 

Potential changes include:

  • New standards to allow restaurants as permitted uses in certain zoning districts
  • Reduced building size requirements for restaurants in certain zoning districts
  • A new food truck license
  • New standards to allow food trucks to operate outside of special events (with permission of the property owner)

Click here for public hearing dates and application status.

Materials from the previous study meetings are found by clicking below:

Recreational Vehicle Ordinance update

On April 1, 2019, the City Council adopted the following ordinance modifying parking and storage standards and approval processes for recreational vehicles.

PDF icon Ordinance adopted 04012019

Electric Vehicle Charging Standards

The City is proposing establishing standards related to Electric Vehicle Charging. The proposed ordinance when available will be posted here. A public hearing regarding the EV Ordinance was held at the November 7, 2019, Planning Commission meeting. The City Council public hearing is scheduled for December 2, 2019.  If you have questions or comments, please contact Mike Palermo, Planner at or 952-563-8924.

Completed updates