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Zoning Ordinance Update Project

The City of Bloomington is undergoing a multi-year effort to update its Zoning Ordinance and related City Code provisions. The current Zoning Ordinance was largely written in the 1950s and has, until recently, never been comprehensively updated. The overall project is divided into many smaller subprojects.  Each year, the City completes several subprojects.  As the update occurs, text is transitioned from Chapter 19 to Chapter 21 of the City Code.

The following projects are underway at this time:

Chicken Standards Update

The City Council held a public hearing about the proposed Chicken Ordinance Update on Monday, July 15. At the meeting, Council voted to continue the agenda item. They asked staff to bring the amendments to a Council study session for more discussion and refinement.

A video of the meeting and can be found here: 

The Chicken Ordinance was Agenda item 8.2 and starts at the 31st minute. 

The 4 proposed amendments to the existing Chicken standards were:

1)      Increasing the number of permitted Chickens from 4 to 6

2)      Reducing the setback requirements from 50 feet to 10 feet, the coop and run must be closer to the owner’s dwelling unit than neighboring dwelling unit (existing standard), the coop and run may only be in the rear yard (existing standard)

3)      Permitting vegetation, such as trees, bushes, etc., as a screening option and only requiring screening if coop and run are located within 50 feet of the property line

4)      Remove language that prohibited composting of feed and waste and reference existing composting standards in Chapter 10 that prohibit composting meat

The proposed code amendments and supporting materials can be found here:

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you would like to be informed about future public hearings related to the Chicken Standards please contact Michael Palermo at or (952) 563-8924. Please check back as updates to the proposed ordinance will be posted here. 

Recreational Vehicle Ordinance update

On April 1, 2019, the City Council adopted the following ordinance modifying parking and storage standards and approval processes for recreational vehicles.

PDF icon Ordinance adopted 04012019

Opportunity Housing Update

The Planning Commission held a public hearing about the proposed Opportunity Housing Ordinance Update on Thursday, July 11 at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall (1800 W. Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN 55431).

Staff report presented at 07/11/19 Planning Commission meeting

Proposed ordinance presented at the 07/11/19 Planning Commission meeting

The City Council will hold a public hearing regarding the ordinance on Monday, August 5 at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers. 

The staff report and proposed ordinance for the 08/05/19 City Council meeting will be posted here when available. (typically the Friday before the Council meeting)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Julie Farnham at or (952) 563-4739.

Completed updates