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Zoning Ordinance Update Project

The City of Bloomington is undergoing a multi-year effort to update its Zoning Ordinance and related City Code provisions. The current Zoning Ordinance was largely written in the 1950s and has, until recently, never been comprehensively updated. The overall project is divided into many smaller subprojects.  Each year, the City completes several subprojects.  As the update occurs, text is transitioned from Chapter 19 to Chapter 21 of the City Code.

The following projects are underway at this time:

Industrial zoning update

This is an update to the 1950s-era industrial districts and standards, including modifications to the proposed Innovation and Technology (IT) district.  Involves shifting standards to Chapter 21, creating an industrial use matrix, adopting site development and performance standards, among other items.  Also involves discussions with landowners to determine potential modifications, preparation of code amendments, and public hearings.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.  Staff contact: Mike Centinario, Planner, 952-563-8921.


The following projects have been completed:

Completed updates

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