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Zoning Ordinance Update Project

The City of Bloomington is undergoing a multiyear effort to update its Zoning Ordinance and related City Code provisions. The current Zoning Ordinance was largely written in the 1950s and has, until recently, never been comprehensively updated. The overall project is divided into many smaller subprojects.  Each year, the City completes several subprojects.  As the update occurs, text is transitioned from Chapter 19 to Chapter 21 of the City Code.

The following projects are underway at this time:

Additional Wall Signage in Lieu of Freestanding Sign for Tall Buildings

The proposed amendment is a privately initiated code amendment. It is proposed to allow an additional wall sign near the entrance of a building 7 stories or more in lieu of the permitted free standing sign. The same size limits would be applicable. The proposed ordinance can be found here:  PDF icon Sign_Code_Amendment_for_Tall_Buildings

PDF icon Sign_Code_Amendment_for_Tall_Buildings_Final_Draft_3-30-2020.pdf

Bluff Standards update

Updates to the Bluff Protection (BP-1) and Bluff Development (BP-2) Overlay Zoning Districts are being considered in order to address the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District's steep slope standard.

For more information, visit the project page:

An upcoming Public Hearing before the City Council is anticipated April 6th, but the date is still tentative.  To receive notifications, submit your email in the E-Subscribe box in the right column.

Public Hearings were held:

  • February 11 - Sustainability Commission recommended approval
  • February 20 - Planning Commission recommended approval

Food Truck Standards

Staff is currently drafting an ordinance for food truck standards. 

Potential changes include:

  • A new food truck license
  • New standards to allow food trucks to operate outside of special events (with permission of the property owner)

Click here for case file information. 

Below are materials for the March 5th Planning Commission meeting.

A Public Hearings is tentatively scheduled:

  • April 6 - City Council

Restaurant Standards

Restaurant standards were adopted at the February 24th City Council meeting.

Changes include:

  • New standards to allow restaurants as permitted uses in certain zoning districts
  • Reduced building size requirements for restaurants in certain zoning districts

Click here for case file information.

Recreational Vehicle Ordinance update

The proposed ordinance:

  1. Would change the amount of time an RV can be on a driveway, not otherwise in compliance with the ordinance, for the purposes of loading and unloading from 48 hours to 72 hours per seven day period.
  2. Would allow RV storage in areas where RV storage currently is not allowed.  RVs would be allowed to be stored on driveways more than eight feet in front of a dwelling wall plane facing a street subject to standards (such as height, length, preserving off-street parking, and seasonal limitations).

The full ordinance is available here for review:

Proposed RV Ordinance – 2/24/20

Public Hearing Dates:

  • Planning Commission – 3/5/20 at 6:00 p.m.
  • City Council – 4/6/20 at 7:00 p.m. (tentative)

Both meetings will take place in the City Council Chambers at Bloomington City Hall, 1800 W. Old Shakopee Road.  Please direct comments and questions to Glen Markegard at (952) 563-8923 or .

Taprooms and Cocktail Rooms update

Staff is drafting an ordinance to amend the zoning code to allow taprooms, cocktail rooms, and related uses in some commercial zoning districts.  A separate ordinance was recently adopted on February 24, 2020 to amend the licensing code to allow these uses.  More information about the licensing updates are found here:

Information about the zoning code update is below.

The staff report and draft ordinance for the March 5th Planning Commission meeting are available at the following links:

A Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled:

  • April 6th - City Council

Completed updates