Sign Placement & Usage FAQ

How much does a permanent sign permit cost?

The cost of a permanent sign permit varies based on the number and type of sign.  There is a sign permit application (review) fee required as part of any permit application.  If an application is found to be in compliance, a sign permit fee is payable prior to final approval.  Fees are below do not included the $1 State of Minnesota surcharge:

Sign permit application review fees:

  • 1 sign $50.00
  • 2 to 5 signs $100.00
  • 6+ signs $160.00

Permanent Sign permit fees

  • Wall and freestanding signs $110.00 each
  • Awning/canopy w/sign $50.00  each
  • Incidental/accessory sign/directional sign $20.00  each

Contact the Planning Division at (952) 563-8920 or for more information.

What is a Uniform Sign Design (USD)?

A USD is a written and graphical document which sets forth criteria for uniformity of all signs on a specific site.  The City Code provisions are general, while the USD specifies the signage allowed by the Code as it applies to a particular building or project.  It does not provide City Code flexibility and may even be more restrictive.  All multi-tenant non-residential buildings require a USD if they wish to exhibit signage for more than a single tenant on the site.  In addition, single tenant uses, such as hotels, motor vehicle sales, service stations, and any office building over seven (7) stories also require a USD.  A new USD application fee is $100 and revision application fee cost is $50.

Contact the Planning Division at (952) 563-8920 or for more information.

What is the process for acquiring a sign permit?

Sign permit application is available through the Planning portal. User registration is required before application can be completed. A complete submission must include:proposed placement, elevation measurements, setback measurements, diagram for connection, and a listing of all materials. Once Planning receives a sign permit application through the portal, it is reviewed for completeness and accuracy. Once approved, Planning will contact the applicant when the proper fees have been calculated.

City Charter and Code

What kind of paperwork is required when applying for a sign permit?

The required paperwork will depend on the type of sign proposed. Necessary documentation may include scaled drawings, elevation measurements, lettering measurements, and setback information. If the sign is proposed for a property with a Uniform Sign Design, extra documentation may be necessary.  Sign permit require registration and submittal through the online portal (paperless submittal process).  Please call (952) 563-8920 or e-mail for more information.

When are permanent sign permits required?

Generally, all business signs require a sign permit before installation. The permit fee is listed in Section 14.03. Some signs are exempt from the requirement of obtaining a sign permit and from the payment of a permit fee including construction signs less than 32 square feet, garage sale signs less than six square feet, home improvement signs, home security signs, interior signs, and special temporary signs to announce employment.

If you are unsure whether or not the type, size or placement of your sign may be in violation of the City Code, please contact the Planning staff at 952-563-8920.

Where can I get a copy of a property’s USD (Uniform Sign Design)?

Planning currently has copies of all approved Uniform Sign Design. Please contact Planning at 952-563-8920 if you are looking for a specific USD.  These are mostly paper documents with larger scale attachments that can't be copied or mailed.  Tenants of commercial buildings should contact the property owner/manager before contacting City offices.

Where can I place a sign?

Signs can be placed in many locations throughout the City of Bloomington. All signs must be placed within the property on which the advertised use is located. To find out whether the placement of your sign is legal, check out the following links: