Help the City Establish a Vision for the Future of the Lyndale Avenue Corridor; Workshop to be Held December 3

The City is looking for ideas to help plan the future of the Lyndale Avenue corridor. Join staff for a workshop on Tuesday, December 3 from 5 – 8 p.m., at Sports Page Bar & Grill, 9014 Lyndale Avenue South. Drop in anytime, or come for the formal presentation at 6 p.m. Bring family and friends—food will be served. Kids are encouraged to attend. 

The goal of the Lyndale Avenue retrofit project is to transform the corridor into a thriving, walkable mixed-use area that serves as an amenity to attract new, and retain existing, residents and businesses.

Engagement activities will be held at the December 3 event to collect memories and experiences that people have with the Lyndale Avenue corridor. The stories collected will be used to help guide the planning process for the future of the area. 

“The success of this project depends on people who live and work in or near the Lyndale Avenue corridor getting involved,” Special Projects and Initiatives Manager Barb Wolff said. “We want to know how they envision the corridor’s future.” 

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