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Gateway Development District progress

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Bloomington Briefing Published April 29, 2021
Lyndale Avenue improvements

Lyndale Avenue is one of Bloomington’s oldest commercial corridors. It serves the entire City and functions as a neighborhood “main street” to many residents, businesses and employers. Lyndale Avenue continues to thrive, but it is aging and is not responding to changing community needs.

The City, in partnership with Hennepin County and Stantec Consulting Services, has been working to define a clear vision and strategy to attract reinvestment and new development along Lyndale Avenue from I-494 to 98th Street (the Lyndale Avenue corridor). The goal is to transform this auto-oriented street into a walkable and multiuse corridor. This will take time and involve continued input from the community and neighborhood property and business owners. The Lyndale Avenue retrofit strategy will build on the corridor’s main assets: jobs, adjacent residential neighborhoods, and the existing mix of businesses.

The City Council adopted the Lyndale Avenue suburban retrofit strategy last month, culminating in a 15-month partnership with Stantec Consulting Services and Hennepin County that also involved extensive engagement and input from the community. The project identified a vision and strategy to attract investment to this aging corridor and guide redevelopment over the next 20 years. 

The City Council emphasized the need to be focused and strategic in implementing the recommended strategy, while also setting some aspirations for redevelopment over the next 20 years.  

“Adopting the Lyndale Avenue Retrofit Strategy today means we are well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities to build a new and better center of community for future generations,” Mayor Tim Busse said.

Explore the project site at Questions? Call Senior Planner Julie Farnham at 952-563-4739.

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