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Lyndale Avenue Retrofit - Documents Library

As documents and outreach materials are produced they will be located here. Please check back regularly.

Draft Results of Market Study

The following are draft results of the market analysis conducted for the Lyndale study area. These are subject to change and be refined as more information is gathered by stakeholders, property owners, and developers. 

PDF iconDRAFT - Housing Analysis Lyndale Avenue Retrofit.pdf

PDF iconDRAFT - Housing Analysis Methodology Lyndale Avenue Retrofit.pdf

PDF iconDRAFT - Retail Market Study with Appendices.pdf

PDF iconDRAFT - Office Market Assessment.pdf

PDF iconDRAFT - Bloomington Target Market Descriptions.pdf

Outreach Summary

Planning Documents

Lyndale Avenue Retrofit Vision Session Video

Lyndale Avenue Retrofit Open House

Lyndale Avenue Retrofit Community Engagement Events

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  • Vision Session
  • Lyndale Avenue Retrofit Vision Session 2
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