Lyndale Avenue Retrofit - About the Consultant

The City has hired Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. to work with us to define a clear vision and specific steps the City can take to enhance the function, vitality, and appearance of  Lyndale Avenue. 


David Dixon, FAIA, Principal in Charge, Project Advisor 
David helped found Stantec’s Urban Places, a company-wide interdisciplinary initiative to assist clients and communities in managing the accelerating pace of social, economic, environmental, and technological change. Over the past three years he has led planning and urban design for more than $9 billion of investment in walkable, mixed-use, and sustainable communities in cities and suburbs alike. David is especially known for initiating a national dialogue—through lectures, commentary, and the organization of two national conferences—about creating “walkable density” as an essential tool for achieving the benefits unlocked by the flow of people and investment into urban and suburban environments. 

Jason Beske

Jason Beske, AICP, Project Manager 

Jason is a Senior Urban Designer and Planner in Stantec’s Urban Places Arlington offce. He has a broad range of urban planning expertise and has led initiatives ranging from large-scale comprehensive planning and civic engagement projects to site and master planning projects for both the public and private sectors. Jason’s extensive experience in local government provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the planning and urban design process. In addition, Jason serves as Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech’s National Capital Region campus and his recent publication “Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places” (Island Press - February 2018), with co-editor David Dixon, examines the rise of walkable urbanism in the new suburban era. Community engagement, placemaking, and social equity are the core of his planning and urban design practice and teaching.

Beth Elliott
Beth Elliott, AICP, Assistant Project Manager, Local Liaison, Public Involvement Lead
Beth is an urban planner with proven experience managing complex projects of regional significance. Beth spent 14 years as a planner for the City of Minneapolis, including 11 years as the Principal Planner for Downtown Minneapolis. Her wide-ranging work has included comprehensive planning, community revitalization, zoning and other regulatory frameworks.
Joel Mann
Joel Mann, AICP, Planning Mobility Specialist
Bringing 16 years of experience, Joel specializes in transportation planning and transportation focused contributions to development codes, comprehensive plans, and community master plans.
Sarah Woodworth
Sarah Woodworth, Market Analysis 
  Sarah concentrates primarily on redevelopment strategies, feasibility analyses for various land uses, and structuring equitable financial structures on public/private development projects. In her 25 years of experience, Sarah has helped to craft development strategies for numerous towns and cities. Sarah has conducted market analysis, financial feasibility analysis, gap financing identification, transit oriented development analysis, developer solicitation packaging and evaluation. In addition, Sarah is fully aware of alternative regulatory strategies to enhance development potential and land use profitability.
Monica Sheets
Monica Sheets, Social Practice Artist 
Monica has spent almost two decades of her artistic career focused on participative projects in the public sphere. The forms and subject matter of this work are varied, ranging from composing a jingle of park rules broadcasted by friendly, uniform-wearing cyclists to generate discussion about use of the largest greenspace in a city to setting-up a storefront space that collected objects, conducted interview and held events to facilitate people coming to terms with their experiences under the East German dictatorship. She is motivated by a desire to create meaningful experiences for participants that make them feel more engaged and empowered.