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Bloomington Cultural Festival

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Bloomington Cultural Festival

Inaugural Multicultural Event with Wildlife Education 

Bloomington, MN –The Bloomington Cultural Festival, organized by Together Bloomington, a newly-formed nonprofit, is a free event that will include multicultural performances, face painting, henna tattoo artists, food, and crafts, plus activities focusing on wildlife education.

“We’re looking forward to meeting our neighbors and having an opportunity to share our cultures and dance with the community,” said the Together Bloomington nonprofit group.

In 2018, the City of Bloomington’s Creative Placemaking Commission in partnership with Artistry sought Creative Spark project proposals by people interested and excited about activating the South Loop district of Bloomington, MN.  A Creative Spark projects review panel looked for projects that engage South Loop residents, workers, and visitors in creative ways that may be temporary, experiential, or permanent. Selected proposals were provided with stipends ranging from $500 – $5,000. The Bloomington Cultural Festival is one of the four selected projects.

“We wanted to empower people to develop and implement their own creative ideas,” said Creative Placemaking Director Alejandra Pelinka. “We hope this process and the selected projects will foster and strengthen connections within the community, and generate more ideas, excitement, and interest in how creative placemaking and public art can help shape an area into a more vibrant, distinct community.”

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About the South Loop District

South Loop is a rapidly developing neighborhood in Bloomington, which is adjacent to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, and home to Mall of America, Bloomington Central Station and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. By 2020, on a typical day South Loop there will be 6,000 residents, 9,000 hotel guests, 35,000 employees and 115,000 Mall of America visitors. For more information, visit

About Creative Placemaking

The City of Bloomington in partnership with Artistry are working together to build a sense of community in Bloomington’s South Loop through creative placemaking. Creative placemaking leverages the arts to help shape and revitalize the physical, social, and economic character of neighborhoods, cities and towns, making use of their existing human, physical, social, and economic assets. Creative placemaking engages stakeholders, artists, and others in building social fabric and local economies while making physical place-based improvements. It highlights the distinctive character and creative and cultural resources of each place. For more information, visit

About Artistry

Artistry is an independent theater and visual arts nonprofit that serves a regional audience of more than 94,000 people annually. In pursuit of artistic excellence, Artistry engages the region’s most talented artists in work that welcomes and develops audiences and opens hearts and minds. 

Artistry’s vision is a diverse, distinctive, and progressive community widely recognized for making art and artists essential to a vibrant social fabric and civic life.

About Together Bloomington

The purpose of Together Bloomington is to increase community civic involvement, be a voice in civic affairs affecting our community, promote social, cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities in Bloomington, and for the people of Bloomington to come together to make Bloomington an even better place. We support local not-for-profit events and non-profit educational and charitable organizations, and meet regularly to get to know our neighbors, identify issues, and organize for action.

About Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1976 to provide habitat for a large number of migratory waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife species threatened by commercial and industrial development, and to provide environmental education, wildlife recreational opportunities, and interpretive programming for Twin Cities metro residents. Our Mission is to restore and manage the ecological communities of the Lower Minnesota River Valley and its watershed while providing environmental education and wildlife dependent recreation. Learn more at