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Preventing underage drinking

Together We Stand Campaign

Stand Between Kids and Alcohol campaign image

Prom, graduation, and summertime are all times when underage drinking rates are high. Wonder what you can do to prevent this dangerous activity? Our Together We Stand campaign provides helpful hints and FREE materials for parents, businesses, and faith communities. Share this page link to show your support.

STAND between kids and alcohol

  • Share expectations with your child that he/she not use alcohol or drugs.
  • Supervise teens in your home.
  • Communicate openly with other parents to ensure your homes are safe and drug-free places for teens.
  • Secure alcohol and medications in your home to prevent easy access.
  • Support school policies related to illegal substance use.
  • Try to have at least 5 family meals per week with your child.
  • Parents, businesses, organizations and faith communities, join our Together We Stand campaign.
The following video was produced by Bloomington Educational Cable TV. Watch the Edina video.


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Stand between kids and alcohol

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