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WIC Clinic Coordinator Marianne Nelson

At your service: Keeping moms and families healthy

It’s as easy as A, B, C. Proper nutrition is a basic building block of health for young families. With its WIC program, Bloomington Public Health provides nutrition education, breastfeeding counseling and support and food vouchers for pregnant and breastfeeding women with low incomes, infants and children through age five. 

WIC Clinic Coordinator Marianne Nelson says one of the biggest reasons she has stayed with Public Health for 28 years is the connection she makes with people she serves. 

“It’s fun to see families grow and develop,” she said. “Sometimes they will come back years later with their grown kids. We create a lasting connection and that’s not true in every nutrition job.”

As the WIC Clinic coordinator, Nelson manages day-to-day operations of the clinic, sets up staff schedules, has direct participant contact, maintains supplies and provides nutrition education. Nelson landed at Public Health after she was assigned to a college internship at the City. 

“It’s a really fun job and I know we’re making a difference,” she said. 

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