At your service: Ann Sattler

Connecting with seniors and others throughout the community is a big part of Ann Sattler’s work. As a Bloomington Public Health Nurse, her goal is to make a positive difference and help large numbers of people. 

From identifying supportive resources, to looking into public health referrals, to planning conferences and events, her role with the City is a busy one.  

“I like the emphasis on being proactive, not just reactive, and improving the health of the community,” Sattler said.

Her compassion for others is apparent in the work she does. “I live in Bloomington and have a vested interest to serve and help people in the community,” Sattler said. 

Besides promoting public health, Sattler sees the building of community as an outcome of the work she does. Recently she has been coordinating COVID-19 testing at long-term care facilities in partnership with the Minnesota National Guard and the Minnesota Department of Health. At one of these events, a community partner showed up to honor health care workers. Volunteers dressed up in costumes, gave out treats and expressed their gratitude. This was a particularly moving experience for Sattler. 

“There’s a lot of good in Bloomington,” she says.

See Sattler coordinating a summer testing event at