Health specialist Amanda Lemke

At your service: Amanda Lemke

Amanda Lemke is ready for just about anything. As a health specialist – emergency preparedness coordinator, she revels in the challenge of solving complex issues and developing response plans on a large scale. For four years, she’s developed plans for public health emergency operations, which are broad enough to cover any public health situation that emerges. Plans range from mass dispensing medications to community trauma and recovery plans.

“The pandemic we are experiencing is something we plan for. We don’t always know how a situation will play out, but we plan in a way that we try  to take every precaution to protect every person that lives, works or plays in Bloomington,” Lemke said.

Her job involves high-stakes planning, and in cases like the COVID-19 pandemic on a daily basis, require coordinating response actions. She enjoys collaborating with emergency responders, health care professionals and others for planning and developing exercises to test those plans. Lemke finds her work to be the perfect balance between her interests in infectious diseases and thrill of emergency management.

“There’s a potential for significant impact to life and safety. It keeps you grounded,” she said.