Why it is important to get vaccinated

With so much information about COVID-19 out there, you may wonder why vaccination is important. Getting vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect you and your family. More people vaccinated means less disease in our community, and we can keep schools, businesses and other places open. COVID-19 vaccines are an important tool to help us stop the pandemic.

It’s understandable that some people are concerned about getting vaccinated. All COVID-19 vaccines currently available in this country have been shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19. A safety board approved every study, and the FDA carefully reviewed the data from every vaccine trial.

As for side effects, the possibility of a severe side effect is very rare — less than 0.5%. If mild side effects occur, they are a normal sign your body is building protection to the virus and will most likely fade in a few days.

You should get vaccinated even if you have had COVID-19. It is not clear how long a person is protected after they have had COVID-19.  

For more information, visit blm.mn/vaccine or call 952-563-4960 for a recorded message with the latest vaccination updates.