Tackling troublesome ticks

The Minnesota Department of Health and Bloomington Public Health want you to stay safe during tick season. Minimize your exposure to ticks with these simple tips.

Use DEET-based repellents up to 30% on your skin or clothing. Pretreat your clothing and gear with permethrin-based repellents. (Permethrin is a medication and insecticide which kills ticks and other insects.)

Perform tick checks after spending time in wooded, brushy or grassy areas and other tick habitats. If you find a tick on yourself, remove it immediately.

Tame landscaping by keeping your lawn mowed, and removing leaves and brush. Create a barrier of wood chips or rocks between lawns and wooded areas.

Signs and symptoms to look for if you think you have been bitten by a tick are rash, fever or muscle and joint pain. If you are concerned, contact your healthcare provider. For information, call Public Health at 952-563-8900.